Next to water and tea, coffee is one of the most widely consumed beverages worldwide. Despite the popularity, it’s amazing how many myths surround this delightful drink. However, don’t let these tall tales ruin your morning coffee. Here are five common myths that are best left ignored as you sip your favorite brew from your favorite mug.

Myth 1: Light Roast Has Less Caffeine Than Dark Roast 

The darker the coffee, the more caffeine it contains, right? Wrong! It is a myth that dark coffee has more caffeine and is “stronger” than light roast. Roasted coffee is toasted to different levels, much like your morning bagel. While lighter roasts don’t spend as much time in the roaster, they still have plenty of caffeine, depending on the type.

Myth 2: Coffee Is a Bean

The term “coffee bean” is perhaps one of the biggest misconceptions surrounding coffee, as it’s not a bean. Technically, it’s the pit or seed of a cherry from a coffee plant. This doesn’t mean you can plant your coffee cherries and grow coffee trees since the roasting process prevents it. Even if possible, it would take years before a coffee plant could produce coffee cherries. Not to mention, coffee only grows and thrives in a few places worldwide. It’s a demanding plant with particular climate needs. This may be a letdown to those looking forward to planting a coffee tree in the backyard. Rest assured, it’s much easier to order coffee online, so don’t let your crushed dream derail you from experiencing superior coffee.

Myth 3: Drinking Coffee After Lunch Means Sleepless Nights 

You may hear people say if they drink coffee after lunch, they won’t be able to sleep, but their lack of shuteye is likely a result of something other than their coffee. Caffeine is a stimulant, making your neurons fire faster in parts of your brain. However, these effects typically disappear within a few hours, and if you are already accustomed to drinking a few cups daily, the stimulating properties might dissipate even faster. So, it is safe to assume that drinking coffee after lunch shouldn’t lead to counting sheep.

Myth 4: Coffee Stunts Your Growth 

The myth that drinking coffee will stunt your growth has been around forever, but this doesn’t have any truth to it. It’s unclear how this one got started, but there isn’t any scientific evidence to support it. So, with the following coffee delivery, you can stand a little taller, knowing your favorite beverage won’t make you shorter but hopefully happier.

Myth 5: Coffee Subscriptions Are One Size Fits All

While this may be true with some coffee subscriptions, you can find a third wave independent roaster offering a customizable coffee subscription. Look for a roaster offering innovative online tools to make the subscription process more unique, like a coffee quiz to help you find your perfect coffee match. Also, based on your brewing preferences, a Coffee Calculator will help you determine precisely how much coffee you need to order and how often so you never run out of your favorites.

About Verve Coffee Roasters

Verve Coffee Roasters was founded in 2007 by two college friends, Colby Barr and Ryan O’Donovan. This dynamic duo set out to create a company that reflected their vision for third wave coffee. With O’Donovan’s extensive coffee industry background and Barr’s deep knowledge of agriculture, they launched their innovative coffee concept. With a commitment to creating the finest small-batch artisanal coffee, they source coffee from smallholder farms around the globe through direct trade relationships, encouraging sustainable agricultural practices. Discover the Verve Coffee Roasters difference with a customizable coffee box subscription or send a coffee gift subscription to a loved one to brighten their day. Find your favorite premium coffee using their convenient online quiz and determine how much coffee you need with their Coffee Calculator.

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